Simple. Clear. Minimalist.

Making cool things happen for iconic Brisbane brands - and beyond.

Here at Kartia Designs, we believe that design should do more than just catch the eye; it should also start meaningful conversations. Shift perceptions. Help people. Shake things up a little – or a lot.

We also believe that you should know all the ins and outs of your business, including your branding. After all, it’s your skill, your knowledge – heck, your reputation – on the line here, right?

And nothing frustrates us more than seeing small business owners investing moolah in their branding, only to be left with some design assets that look okay but just don’t hit the mark – or worse, leaves them feeling like they have zero control over their brand.

create brands

That’s why we don’t create brands – we shape them.

With you. Together. As a team.

Sure, we create unique branding solutions that turn heads and get people talking. But even better, we take the time to show you how to independently implement the strategy behind the design.

That’s right: we don’t just show you the what, but also the how and why behind your brand.

From the big, strategic stuff all the way down to the nitty-gritty creative details that make a HUGE impact, we walk you through the branding process and teach you to speak your brand’s language fluently. Effortlessly. Consistently. Confidently.

In other words, we’ll show you how to talk your talk and walk your walk.

So, when it’s time for you to take the lead, you’re fully in control of your branding, design, advertising, and marketing – the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. No fuss, no muss. And none of that ‘only a professional can handle that’-BS you may have heard.

If your brand is what people say about your business behind your back, then we’re here to make sure they’re throwing compliments - not shade – in your direction.


Meet the team

Where would any business be without their team? And we think our team is pretty freaking amazing!

Anita East

200% satisfaction!!! Kassi and her team at Kartia designs created the most elegant and striking online shop that I could ever hope for and I cannot thank them enough for this. From day one, Kassi worked with me and transformed my pipedream of creating an online shop to a solid plan and then a fully functioning online shop. She considered all the intricate nuances of the industry I am in, and with this information, explored the best way to convey my brand’s message in the most user-friendly and elegant way. Post-launch care is as important as pre-launch care. Kassi has been available for post-launch advice and has tweaked things that we could only learn after the shop was live and being used. It was such a wonderful experience working with a consummate professional like Kassi, who had mine and my customer’s best interest always at heart. Always considering the customer experience and making it perfect from start to finish for each person who visited my online shop. I will continue to use Kassi and Kartia designs for many years to come.

Anita East

Smith and Others

As one half of the Smith and Others team, Kassi Kartia friendly approach to doing business is inspiring. We loved working with her and her team and she has delivered [and exceeded] in all areas of marketing and web design. Thank you Kassi!

Matty Smith Smith and Others

Snap Fitness

Kartia designs are awesome to work with. Quick, effective and have some great ideas to help you promote your business

Sam W Snap Fitness Manager