Flip it on it’s head

Its time to adjust… 

Well, havent we had to adjust nearly every second of our lives around this new… NEW? Covid has certainly had us all flip our days, weeks and month on their head. So now, this needs to also happen to your advertising plans for the rest of 2020. (Sounds scary right…. wrong). 

Some companies have the luxury of doing ‘quick turn campaigns’, created for a specific moment. These are always impressive to the customer and well, I’d be lying if I didn’t think it was also impressive to the fellow marketer. 

First up! 

1. Audit your current and pipelined campaigns. 

  • Decide if your campaign should be paused (if you have multiple)
  • Is it to be paused entirely, if you are unsure the content is appropriate for the current climate?
  • Remember – just because some elements may not be appropriate now, this doesn’t mean you should scrap it altogether. Covid will soon leave… surely?! 

2. Consider what to prioritise or what to pivot. 

  • Campaigns you have planned later in the year, may have the greatest time to shine now. Possibly just with some small alterations.
  • Pivot your language in your campaign: 
    • “Get closer to your customers” could be “Support your customers” “Customer relationships matter”.  
    • If you really open your eyes to it, you will see, so many large-scale businesses are doing this. Woolworths, Colgate, Suncorp – to just name a few.  
  • Audit your campaign visuals to match the updated climate and campaign. 

With this mini break in campaigns, use this time to really audit your target market and your customer avatar. Once you have your updated customer, ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES. 

  • The language you use 
  • The tone you use,  
  • The imagery,  
  • The fonts and even the colours 

But most of all… do not loose the authenticity of your own business… first and foremost! 

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