We’re an easy-going, plain speaking, down-to-earth creative design studio making cool things happen for iconic Brisbane brands and beyond.

Here at Kartia Designs, we know that there are plenty of things to worry about in business. And call us crazy, but we don’t think your branding should be one of them. (After all, that's what cash flow, training new staff, and income tax are all for, right?)


Creative solutions designed to start conversations

Whether you want to turn heads, raise eyebrows, ask questions, or just look damn good doing what you do, we’ve got the perfect design solution to get your audience talking.


We build creative brands from the ground up (and with you by our side)

Your brand is more than just a logo – it’s a complete identity. The visual foundation of an engaging personality. The (real) talking head of your business.


We create campaigns that get noticed for all the right reasons

From ideation through to execution, we work with you to co-create unique, cohesive, show-stopping advertising campaigns that look as good as they sound – always.


We develop simple but effective online spaces that feel like home

Need us to handle all your website design and development from start to finish? We've got your back.


We’ll show you how to talk your talk and walk your walk.

Listen up: Your brand is more than a logo, some colours, and a dinky DIY website that brings it all together.

That’s why we don’t create brands – we shape them. With you. Together. As a team.

We focus on collaborating with our clients to create highly effective (and simply straightforward) answers to the questions their audience has been asking.

Better yet, we pride ourselves on teaching our clients how to apply and manage their marketing, putting them in the driver’s seat of their business where they belong. So, when it’s time for you to take the lead, you’re fully in control of your business, branding and all.

No fuss. No muss. (And none of that ‘only a professional can handle that’ BS.)

Let’s start your brand’s conversation

Brands We’ve Helped to Go the Extra Mile and Grow