Catch up with Nathan Bush from 12High

Just an every day catch up, with our mate Nath!

Long time friend, Nathan Bush from 12High joined us on our Zoom catch up, to chat all things eCommerce and the dreaded C word…

Nathan Bush is the founder and lead consultant at 12HIGH. He is a strategic leader who has defined strategies and delivered solutions across digital, marketing, eCommerce and IT.”

Some takeaways:

In my chat with Nathan, we discuss all things eCommerce, Covid, new business procedures, and what the future may look like for your business.

  • Do I keep launching, marketing and moving forward?
  • How do I market my product/service throughout COVID while not being a Debbie downer or coming across as like nothing is happening and insincere?
  • The question of should I have a sale just to try and get some sales?
  • How can I convert more sales on my site, what can I do to increase sales etc.
  • Is there something my eCommerce site can NOT go without?
  • Yes I have an eCommerce site, but what is going to set me ahead of the rest.

Nath has a golden rule of “BE REMARKABLE IN 3 THINGS!” If you can be remarkable in three, the rest will flow!

Question for the eCommerce clients out there… “Have you bought from your own company before?”

Thanks for joining us Nath!