Cuppa + Chat with Dr Susan Walker from Align and Shine

Guys… meet Dr Susan Walker… Suse… meet the gang!

The time flew by when I got to catch up with long time client and my very own Chiropractor and wholistic go to… guys, meet Dr Susan Walker.

Some takeaways:

In my chat with Suse, we got to chat about all aspects of being a Mum, running a business and what balance looks like!

  • How to relaunch a new business
  • What new systems are in place
  • Booking ONLINE is the way of the future
  • Streamlining work processes
  • Delegating and how
  • Finding balance between being Mum and being boss
  • What’s the one thing you would tell your teenage self

Biggest takeaway – WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING! Lead with the intention to share knowledge rather than hoard it with your ego!

Thanks for joining us Suse, see you next week!