Cuppa + Chat with Lana from Catfish Designs

When a love of sport, the ocean, business and branding come together….

It’s always a delight when I get to catch up with Lana – head honcho over at Catfish Designs. I truly love hearing how a generational business started, evolved and is kicking arse throughout this new world we live in.

Some takeaways:

Catfish Designs is one close to my heart. I have worked with Lana, hubby Andy and her gorgeous Mum too – we were so lucky to have had the chance to rebranded Catfish to match how their business and how it has evolved over the years.

  • How to step into a generational business
  • Setting up expectations when working with family members
  • Online shopping
  • Streamlining work processes
  • Trusting an online business
  • Customer service and the tips on how to keep customers happy chappies
  • What’s the one thing you would tell your teenage self

Biggest takeaway – put your ego aside, stop people pleasing and lead with your good intentions!

Thanks for joining us Lana – can’t wait to meet the new little Catfish mini soon!